BKC Matrimony is an advertising platform providing targeted advertising services for matrimonial alliance. In order to do provide the services, we ask for certain personal information which is displayed on the site.  ( all BKC Matrimony visitors may browse the site, search member profiles and view any articles or features our site has to offer without entering any personal information.)

Information Collected/Tracked by BKC Matrimony

BKC Matrimony gathers two types of information:

i. Information users submit; and
ii. Information not directly submitted.

    Information users submit --> Profile Information , Profile Photo, Phone Number , Email Id, Occupation , Address etc
    Information not directly submitted --> IP Address, Visiting Date and Time

    FREE MEMBERS : Free membership entitles you to create and manage your profile , upload your photos and horoscope 

    PAID MEMBERS : Paid membership allows you to contact other members , Express your interest in matrimonial alliance .. Get their interests in your profile etc..