How do I register?

    On the homepage  , click on "Register". Fill in your personal details, your email address, contact details, photos etc amongst others.

    What all should I keep in mind while registering?

    Your profile is the best medium to reach out to other members and find the right partner.  
        Talk about you as a person, your personality, your likes and dislikes. Do not create a false image of who you are.
        List down your academic and professional qualifications. They create a strong impact
        Add a recent photograph of yours. Members with photographs will generate more responses on an average
        Do not get into lengthy details in your profile. The aim is to capture attention in the shortest possible time.
        Please be sensitive to other people's sentiments

    Can I register for a friend/relative?

    Absolutely Yes. you can create profiles for yourself or relatives 
    How do I add a photo to my profile? Is it important to do so?

     Log in to your  account. Once you are logged in, you are taken to the "Home" page.
     On the top menu, click on "My profile" Go to "Add/edit photos" wherein you can either add photos or change your current photos.

    Can I add more than one photo?

    Yes you can add 2 photos max.

    How can i get my forgotten password 

    Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the  Your password will be mailed to you immediately.

    How do I change my password?

    You can edit your profile after login and change your password as well..